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Geo Targeting

Geofence campaigns based on where the app user is active

All created campaigns are shown on the first page with the custom name and the ad_tag used to link the audience together with your ad server. You will also see the estimated reach for web and mobile meaning the number of users you had during the last 24h in the area that you created.

Web - Includes users on mobile web and desktop that Glimr has geo-verified. The number shown are unique users and will only be displayed when the web-script is installed. Find out more here -

Mobile - These are the number of unique app users who have been active within the defined geofence during the last 24H.



If the audience isn't marked as active no tags will be sent to your adserver and the campaign will not be functioning correctly.

Web and Mobile estimates are shown for the last 24H

1. Name your campaign

Once you click on the create button a large map view is displayed together with search alternatives on the left. First enter the name of the campaign you are setting up preferably something easy to identify. Then add the ad-tag which you can enter here and tell your traffic team to set up against or you receive one from them.

2. Define the area

There are a number of ways Glimr helps you identify an predefined area of interest but you can also use the tools to draw your own custom area. If you start typing in the search box municipalities and counties will be shown. Clicking on them shows them on the map and you can add several ones to the same campaign. Clicking on one of your chosen areas highlights it and gives you an option to delete it.

Stockholm Län choosen

There are also options at the top to either draw polygons, squares or circles.

Custom polygon

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Geo Targeting

Geofence campaigns based on where the app user is active

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